About Me

Hi There! First of all, I would like to thank you for dropping by my website. I hope that you find the tools and resources on my website helpful as I have made it available for you on your journey to a life that is blessed by God, whether on your business or personal life. I know that you are here on this page to know more about me so I will share with you a little story about my life.

Who am I?

I am a christian who loves God more than anyone else. I am happily married with three children. I love to share and teach other people especially Filipinos all over the world about God’s blessings in life and in business. I train Filipinos to learn how to create multiple streams of income. I love to blog about almost anything, love to speak and get to know more about other people. I love to cook different pasta dishes. I am a Network Marketer, a social media marketer and an entrepreneur in every aspect (business ideas just keep coming).

From Employee to OFW

I am so proud of where my career has started. I was able to start my career as a Manager for a big fast food chain in the Philippines then moved on to being a Call Center Agent for different call center companies. I enjoyed working in the Call Center  industry and has taught me a lot especially with my training and communication skills. But being the type of person who gets bored with routinary work, I was jumping from one call center to another trying to find the right company for me.  An opportunity came for me to study and work in London at the same time and bring my family with me as well. At first, I did not want to take the opportunity but when I thought about the future  of my family especially my son at that time who was just 1 month old, it could be the best way. I went to London on September 2006 and had to leave my family for almost 6 months in the Philippines before I took them to stay with me while I was working and studying in London. I had to make sure I have a job that will support them as well. My husband was able to work full time as a concierge in Mariott hotel and was really earning pretty good with “tips” he got from hotel guests. I was earning pretty well with my part time work as a Sales Consultant for the largest mobile retailer company in UK which is the Carphone Warehouse. I only worked 16 hrs a week but was earning huge sales commissions. That’s when I started to love SALES!

Fell in love with SALES!

Working as a Sales Consultant part time but earning 3x more than the average full timer’s income, I realized how much money you can make when you are in sales. I worked for other part time job sales related but I was having a hard time balancing my time since I still have to commute from one office to another. As I was searching online, I read a story how one couple made millions by selling stuff on Ebay. I did my research and decided to do the same, I became an ebay seller online. Again, selling on ebay made me earn extra income that I can spend for my family’s extra needs.

Got Hooked With Network Marketing

I was looking for ways how to cure UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) until it led me to watch a product being showed on Kabuhayang Swak na Swak and got curious if it could really help me with my UTI. So I called the number displayed on the youtube video and after 2 weeks, I got my order from the Philippines. The company was a network marketing or an MLM company so the person who was my upline since I decided to register 3 heads under the dealership program of the company urged me to look at the marketing plan. At first, I was not keen about it as I had this pride of not doing this kind of thing, I was earning really well and I don’t really like the idea of network marketing. But I decided to sell the products while I was in the UK because I had so many stocks and I had no problems when it comes to selling. When I saw that I had loyal customers ordering the products every month, I realized maybe doing the network marketing part is not a bad idea of there is such a need for the product. When our family went back home to the Philippines to put up a mini restaurant, I considered the idea of trying the network marketing business just to see if it really works. Then our mini restaurant business failed not juts once but twice and that experience pushed me to go full time with my network marketing business.

I struggled in network marketing!

I wish I could tell you that it was a happily ever after when I decided to go full time with our network marketing business but I had to learn some valuable lessons on how to do the business right. There is a traditional way of doing network marketing and I failed at it because I had no idea on how to do it and what I was suppose to be doing. In short, there was no system for me to follow. When I was a manage of Chowking, even as a newbie, I knew what to do because there was a system that I had to follow as a manager. As a Sales Consultant, I was following a system from our company on how to be a sales consultant. With the network marketing companies here i the Philippines, yes, there are trainings provided but most of them are inspirational or motivations but it lacks the part of teaching you how to really market your product in a system where its easy to follow and duplicated easily. Notice the word easy, network marketing takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to be successful but if you have an easy system to follow and duplicate among your network leaders, it makes the journey to success all worth it.

Addicted to Internet Marketing

Because of my struggle with my network marketing business, I sought help online. Yes, I turned to google for help and just like you reading this now who might be looking for answers for some problems you might have whether in personal or business, google became my resource for information that I needed. My researches led me to know Internet Network Marketing. My struggles with my network marketing business led me to know how to make websites that I can use for my business so I can have a presence online. It led me to blogging.Then it led me to know more about Social Media Marketing so I can market my business in different social media platforms where most of the customers can be found. Then it led me to develop a system for fellow Filipino network marketers all over the world like me to develop their business online and use it to leverage their time and effort into making it a success in the business. And I was able to prove that the network marketing system really works if you have the right system to follow!

Sharing the Good News

When I learned about all the things that I learned, I wanted to keep it to myself and share it only with the people within my network. But God told me otherwise, hence, the birth of this website. From this website, I will share every learning, experiences and wisdom that God will share with me either personal or business. I know that it is God’s purpose for me to use the talents and skills He has given to me in this field to share the good news to everyone. Because all that I am and what I know is all from Him.

To God Be The Glory!

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